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where will it lead?

I am an American woman living in the U.S. but my heart is in Morocco. People often say that when you marry a Moroccan, you are thereby adopted and become 1/2 Moroccan. I always thought that this was amusing, since both of my parents are native born and bred Texans, and would take serious offense at someone calling their daughter 1/2 foreign. However, over the years, at different times in my life, it has been an honor badge. I wear it proudly: talking to my daughters in derija when I can, cooking Moroccan food (mixed with American), keeping women who are the same card carrying 1/2 Moroccan-Americans as my closest friends and confidants. Currently, I am becoming an avid follower of the blogs of Americaniayas (like me) living in Morocco. Side note: sadly, the English language lacks a feminine description of my nationality, so I defer to the Arabic one. One of my closest friends is currently spending six months in our husbands’ home city of Marrakech. Interestingly enough, after her move, my husband and I decided that moving to Morocco would probably be the best decision for the continued success of our life together. For the moment, I am savoring the idea. We’ll see/On verra/Insh’Allah…


One response to “About Me

  1. carissa

    February 2, 2012 at 5:19 am

    I didn’t know about this decision. U never know, we may end up living here together. Wouldn’t that be awesome!!!


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