On my way!

11 Jun

It’s been a long journey everyone! But, I am soon to be on my way to Morocco. I will be trying to start a life that I always wanted for myself and for my children. It’s true, I am being selfish in this journey. I am selfishly saying “enough’. I want for me what I wanted a long time ago and that is to be out of the daily grind that is life in America. Now, I’m not saying that I’m lazy or that I refuse to work because that is not true. But I am saying that the “joie de vivre” that I have always looked for is not so easy to find with the work ethic that is encouraged in America.

I am also acting upon my feeling that I will not be satisfied with the education that I received for my children. I want them to own the world, to have access to success wherever they go, as well as the know how and perspective that make life so much easier and so much more beautiful. We are going to go out and experience life. Breathe deeply. Be amazed. Be beautiful. Take care of ourselves. I am going to teach them to be strong and self-sufficient. I am going to teach them that it is ok to love and it is ok to speak and it is ok not to be liked by everyone.

Sorry, because I am getting sentimental… and that’s better than just “emotional” which is what I have been for a while. I am ready to start and I am ready to take it all on with a smile and a laugh and maybe a little charm. Wherever I am going I know that this is the path to the me that I am destined to be… and I’m ready to be on my way!

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