C’mon, everybody is doing it!

01 Feb

So I mentioned before that I am dieting… and I mentioned how much I hate dieting. Well, what really got me off my lazy bum this time, is that it really is no fun being the only one left out of your group: not participating in the activities that all others are busy talking about and working on. Yes, I’m a follower… but that’s ok, so are most of us. 😉

Anyway, all of my friends started on this diet kick several months ago. Well, I was kind of in the middle of a breakdown so I couldn’t jump on the bandwagon when they did. But, when things finally started coming together, I up and joined a website for calorie counting, bought some new gym clothes, and went straight back into a 3 times a week workout schedule. I stopped buying coca-cola and sweets, and I started buying those stupid 100 calorie packs of everything. Well, then I heard of the movie, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, and I read the blog of another American married to Moroccan who was jumping in (head first) into a juice fast. Read her blog here:

Well, a week or two of calorie counting and 100 calorie snacking, I decided to watch the documentary mentioned above. Let’s just say, I get it. I’ll drink the Koolaid, or in this circumstance, the JUICE and try my hand at this. The whole micro -nutrient vs. macro-nutrient explanation really just made sense. We need to stop fattening ourselves up, when there is no immediate starvation in our future! Anyway, I’m not a head first kind of girl – I’m more like a dip your toe in and try the water and then shwiya be shwiya (little by little) get deeper and deeper and start swimming in the water. (Did you like my Moroccanism inserted there?)

I have also been trying to get my girls to eat vegetables that I pack for them in their lunches. They’re not biting – if you get my drift – and have decided to just stay hungry or wait for me to cave and give them some carbohydrates. We moms have to be sneaky and these children are not going to come off of years of poor eating in just a day or two. So, after watching the movie, and with no luck of my children eating veggies, I decided to make a kale/fruit blend smoothie for us. I wanted to see how much energy it would give us and sneak in a couple of servings of veggies. Everyone liked it and we started the first 2 days of our week with a kale smoothie. Sadly, today I am in a sinus induced fog so we havent had our daily helping.

I am now determined that we will stop eating (so much) processed food. That I can get them to eat WAY MORE veggies than they ever did and that everyone will benefit from this lifestyle change. As a side note, can I just say that I am astounded that it really is in MY CONTROL as the mother to be the only one to change our way of life. I mean, I didn’t even realize how much power I had!

First step of the process is complete, in that I tried out how I am going to get us to eat more veggies. Second step of the process is complete – I bought a ton of fruits and veggies to make juice (and even salads) with. Third step is next – I need a juicer ASAP!  Wish me luck as I try to become truly healthier, physically and spirtitually, and facilitate my family’s health and development.



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2 responses to “C’mon, everybody is doing it!

  1. moroccomama

    March 25, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    Salam alaykom Liz, I appreciated this post because I too watched that documentary and it had a profound and lasting effect on the way my hubby and I eat (or should I say, drink). First we did the 7 day juice diet (my nutritionist friend says to call it a juice feast, rather than a juice fast). It was great and somewhat hard too, we did it in winter and had to compromise and drink hot soup at night. We both felt a lot clearer, cleaner, slimmer and more energetic. Since then, we’ve been having at least one juice at breakfast time. Even if you replace one meal a day with juice, you’ll see a difference in your health. Here’s to wishing you success in your journey towards health!

    • lizlamnaii

      April 27, 2012 at 7:54 pm

      I wish I could say that I have been entirely effective in my juicing routine. I started to get pretty good at it and I lost 13 lbs. Which was so fabulous! But my daily routine is so grinding and fast paced that I wasnt able to make myself a juice for breakfast every morning. I also have an enemy in fast food! I was raised on it and it’s everywhere here and just easier to grab something when we are on the run. We drive at least 30 minutes each way every day so we spend too much time in the car and it’s sooo tempting to just eat on the run. I am trying to gain the willpower to stay away for myself and my girls but it’s hit and miss. One of the reasons I am considering the move to Morocco also – not nearly as much drive thru food! 😉


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