Shwiya be shwiya… (little by little)

24 Jan

I am writing this post as I am leaning over a mountain of work at my desk. I am thinking that I feel overwhelmed – that I would give anything to escape the routine that I am currently prisoner to. I am overwhelmed by my diet, by exercise, by keeping my house running and my kids eating healthy food. I am overwhelmed by grading French work and teaching it every day in an interesting and exciting and effective way. The only thing that I am not overwhelmed with is the one task that I WANT to be busy taking care of … and that is planning and organizing a new start.

Yesterday, I spoke with my husband about our plans for a big change and in his Moroccan way (of course), he let me know that everything would fall into place and we would act on it as time progressed. SO MOROCCAN OF HIM! As a control freak, and an American my mind is obsessed with what to do first, how to do it, when to do it, will it be effective, etc.etc. That I often times forget to just sit back and remember that everything does happen and will happen but one thing at a time.

So, I give this as a reminder to myself – shwiya be shwiya Elizabeth. InshAllah koolshyee aikoon baerkhair! (little by little, Elizabeth, inshAllah everything will be ok). 🙂

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